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Disclaimer: As with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *


Positive Being Advanced Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is a horrible thing to experience and different people experience it in very different ways and on various levels. 
It can make your heart race, affect your breathing, cause sweats and shakes. It can quite often come out of the blue and then progressively get worse. It normally starts in one area of your life and then spreads into others. 

It is triggered by our emotions and life experiences. Feelings of stress, being out of control, fear, bored, scared, guilty, worried,judged, lonely or sad can all make us anxious.

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your anxiety by dealing with the root cause (where and when it began).  

It helps you to change the way you feel about a situation, a past experience and yourself.

As the process helps to eliminate the emotional triggers that have lead to your anxiety in the past, you can begin immediately to feel free from this vicious cycle.

Each session is personally tailored to you to ensure you have the best chance of relieving your anxiety in all situations and to make sure it does not return.

The most effective and advanced Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  are used to ensure you get the results you deserve and you will receive a personalised CD that you can listen to at anytime to reinforce your sessions.

My success rate in 2020 was 98% but with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *


5 or 8 Sessions

are often required

Each Session is £70

Or Prepay

5 are £300

8 are £480

Client Testimonials

*‘I was referred to Sharon 6 years ago by my Doctor as I was suffering from very high levels of anxiety that impacted every aspect of my life. I was becoming frightened to even go out. Sharon completely changed my life ’ Joanna, Basingstoke.

*‘I was referred to Sharon from my Specialist as I had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 10 years. Sharon helped me through the process and after eight sessions the transformation was incredible. I have not had an attack now for over 5 years’ Helen, Bracknell.

*‘My Doctor referred me to Sharon three years ago when I began having panic attacks. I went to see her for a consultation feeling a little doubtful but desperate to stop having the attacks. Sharon eased me through the process and I am happy to say I have not had one since Truly amazing.’ Nick, Basingstoke.

*‘I found Sharon on Google. I went to the free consultation feeling very sceptical and very anxious. Sharon put me completely at ease and after just five sessions my attacks had completely gone. That was four years ago and I now continue to enjoy my life anxiety free’ Emma, Crowthorne.

*‘Eight years ago I was experiencing panic attacks on a daily basis and life was unbearable. Sharon was recommended to me by a friend and after five session the change was incredible. I got my life back and I am loving every minute!’ Karen, Wokingham.